Sacred Heartwood

For those looking for wood with an exceptional story.




At The Heartwood Mill we mill and dry wood that has exceptional potential and has an exceptional story. For these rare pieces, we reserve them for our true fans, accessed by a Sacred Heartwood membership.

Membership Includes:

  • Front-of-the line access to our best wood.
  • Email notifications of exceptional logs entering the Heartwood Mill.  You will know when the wood will be available before the public.
  • Email notification of media uploads.  See the photos and video of the reserved wood pieces after milling has taken place.
  • Full access to the membership page which gives you the ability to reserve the any wood pieces.
  • Custom milling requests.  We will keep your request on file and when the right size log comes in, we will mill it to your specifications.

Membership fee:  $24.99/month.  Cancel at any time.  Members receive a unique membership number and must present it with I.D. at time of purchase & pickup.

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