Heartwood Mill
Every tree has a story. Write the next chapter.
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What is The Heartwood Mill?

The Heartwood Mill is a wood store located in Edmonton, Alberta.

But this wood store is unlike any other. If you want to find something for your next project that inspires you, something that has a story that transcends generations, you will want to visit us.

The Heartwood Mill reclaims logs from the urban tree services industry. We mill the wood into unique sizes and shapes, which includes live-edge wood. We then dry the wood quickly and crack-free in our specialized kiln.

These beautiful pieces are then sold back to the public.

Trees have a story.

The tree services industry has been mindless for decades. Mature trees are removed because of new developments. We get that. But to cut these trees into firewood for burning or disposal is not the right way to end the journey of trees that have given us so much over decades.

The Heartwood Mill is here to change that story. Trees deserve a better end.

Whether you are an artisan or maybe you’re completely inexperienced and looking to build something that has meaning, we have what you need. When you visit The Heartwood Mill, a piece of wood will speak to you. One voice amongst the many will stand.

The wood will choose you.

Write the next chapter.

What you purchase will be the beginning of a new legacy piece, something that will transcend time and last through generations.

You will feel proud of what you create. People who see it, touch it and feel it will ask, “Where did you get this?!”

“I made it.”

And rightfully so, you should be proud.

Not only did you produce something you cannot purchase anywhere else, something that will last for generations, you made our planet a little better of a place to live, saving a tree from a landfill.

You become the hero.

Be a part of our story.

Join us, and have a front-row seat in changing the tree services industry for the better.

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